Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Heavenly Night

Heaven. That was the theme for the floral art performing show presented by our international artist in creating art work involving different types of flowers - Hung Manh Nguyen. It was such a great pleasure for me and my beloved mother to receive an invitation from him to join his excitement in one of his biggest floral art performing party. There were over 300 guests as well as various journalists and photographers from magazines.

Due to the theme, which was originally called 'heavenly night', models were turned into beautiful angels, wearing wings and such gorgeous dresses decorated with flowers!

The show was introduced in two parts: flowers with 'ao dai' - Vietnamese traditional dress and flowers with wedding dresses. The view was magnificent and tonight's party was also his birthday. We all wished him best luck in his career.

Now here comes the pictures! (Taken by Emelia)

Ahhh I love this one above!

The guy who were carrying his birthday cake was dressed up like an angel. But seriously, I couldn't see any angels in his big body and tough face.


Ahh I looked messy in this picture taken by my mom. I was eating and saw this famous MC (a friend of my mom in the past, i don't even know how it could be) and then in a minute I was in position ready for the photoshoot. How exciting mama!

Again, my mom took this picture. Do I look mysterious? XD

And there he is, the artist of the whole ceremony ;)

Thanks to the crew for preparing such a beautiful party for us.