Friday, October 12, 2012


Black and white. Photos like this always give me chills. I don't mean to flatter myself (haha) but does it seem a little mysterious and scary, perhaps? 

I prefer to set my camera mode in black and white for some reasons. One of them is probably because it makes the picture seem old as if the object is somehow related to the past. However, sometimes this object is not literally related to particular occasions in history, it's just simply the person has an artistic mind or is just interested in old things. 

A picture by my brother.

Red lips. Not naturally red or dark red or extremely red, but just a little is enough. I love red lips; the color makes one look reckless and somehow difficult to be figured out. During the photoshoot I was feeling like trying to be inviting, which I have never done before because it would not probably be me haha.

Only one picture for the day. 


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