Saturday, October 13, 2012

FASHION FACES #1: Carolina Engman

Sweden. 25 years old. Young and extraordinarily gorgeous with such a smooth and beautiful skin and a lovable face. A fashion blogger, model and stylist. Well-known for her outstanding fashion blog - Personally I'm a huge fan. A model for various famous magazines - Teen Vogue, NYLON Japan, Vogue Girl Korea, Vogue Germany and Elle Spain. 

There's something about this girl which stirs me everytime I check out her latest blogs - such an unique style, but easy to wear. Still, there's something which sets her apart from other fashionistas. (One reason is because she's pretty, good heavens!) Plus she has met many famous designers in the world, attending the famous New York fashion week and London fashion week and been invited to a number of fashion occasions. 

Honestly I'm addicted to her blog haha. 


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